Meeting: Tuesday, April 22, 2014 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

heroku chad bailey keith gaddis karmajunkie SOA


After a bit of a hiatus to party it up with other web devs during SXSW, we are back on our regular schedule this month. Let’s jump back into the groove with this thing.

Chad Bailey - Understanding (and Fixing) Rails App Performance on Heroku

Congratulations! You’ve managed to build a Rails app that people actually use. Now you have traffic, and with it comes performance problems.

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Austin on Rails SXSW Web Developer Happy Hour!

sxsw web development party 2014 ruby on rails sxsw interactive


(with DJ Alex Baldwin of Thoughtbot/Console.fm)

WHEN: Monday, March 10th from 6-9PM

WHERE: Buffalo Billiards on 6th Street (201 E. 6th)

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Meeting: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

Lightning Talks


Howdy folks, looking forward to our meeting on February 25. We will be doing a lightning round with community members and that is always a LOT of fun!

Things will break down roughly thusly…

Section 1 (7-8PM)

  • "On User Groups", Damon Clinkscales, @damon
  • chef-book, JJ Asghar, @jjasghar
  • "Deploying Rails with Docker", James Adam, @lazyatom
  • "One-off code vs reusable code: Why didn't I think about this before I started?", Derrick Parkhurst @8bsn
  • "Building a Ruby command line app", Ben Rogers
  • "5 Ways to Build Better Web APIs with Ruby", James Higginbotham, @launchany
  • </ul>

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    Meeting: Tuesday, January 28, 2014 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

    gem engines clare glinka jeff felcher

    Welcome to 2014!

    Looking forward to getting the band back together this month on the 28th. We would love to have your join us.

    How to Build A Ruby Gem - Clare Glinka

    So, you want to build a Ruby gem! If you are new to Ruby or programming in general, getting started can be more than a little daunting. This presentation will cover some of the basics and best practices for beginners building their first gem, also known as “what I wish I had known when I started writing my first gem”.

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    Austin Web Bash! - December 10, 2013

    holiday party awbash web tech

    (We are forgoing the December Austin on Rails meeting to participate in the Austin Web Bash)

    Following in our grand tradition, we plan to get together with the rest of the Austin web and tech community for a giant holiday party. Come escape from the stress of end-of-year deadlines and impending familial obligations with some great drinks and awesome people.

    Each year participation has grown, and we’re very proud that what started out as a small gathering now includes over 25 active groups spanning a wide swath of the Austin Web and Tech community. Last year over 800 people joined us. This year we’re we’ve got more space and our sponsors are helping us make it even bigger!

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    Meeting: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

    sbellware mandoescamilla

    Hello Folks

    Yes, we are meeting in November! Your conductor this month is Scott Bellware.

    Use the Lib: Structure Your Rails App for Less Friction and Easier Growth

    Rails’ popularity is a direct reflection of the raw productivity it delivers right out of the box. You can get an app up and running in a couple of hours. DHH famously built a blog in fifteen minutes in his RailsConf keynote. But what happens when those fifteen minutes are up? Does Rails productivity hold up after fifteen days? How about fifteen weeks, or fifteen months?

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    Meeting: Tuesday, October 22, 2013 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

    d3 dataviz union metrics hayesdavis benkimball soa unionmetrics

    Greetings Rails Aficionados!

    It’s high time that we meet up again…We have a special treat for you that Rails Conductor Theo Mills has put together. Union Metrics is in the house with a Double Feature!

    Visualizing Data with Rails and D3.js: The Basics

    Rails is great at being a REST API and serving up your resources in a variety of formats. D3 is great at loading data and transforming them into amazing visualizations. In this talk, Ben Kimball will explain and demonstrate the basics of using D3 to create a useful view of the data that’s already living behind your existing Rails applications.

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    Meeting: Tuesday, September 24, 2013 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

    jonathan spies tim tyrrell low connectivity mobile outside-in cucumber rspec jasmine

    Greetings Rails Aficionados!

    It’s that time of the month again…We are meeting up for more Ruby/Rails software developer goodness and community buiding. Your conductor for this month is the Honorable Tim T. Tyrrell III. Hope to see you there!

    A Gentle Introduction to Outside-In Development - Tim Tyrrell

    Writing software can be a confusing and complicated process, where do you begin? Behavior-Driven Development is a way to identify business goals and then drill down into the features that deliver those goals. This is intended to be a “code heavy” talk that will show you a useful workflow for developing well-tested software with Cucumber, RSpec, and Jasmine.

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    Meeting: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

    makersquare techscruggs women in technology scaling aws

    Greetings! Summer is cruising along to its conclusion at breakneck speed….but before we let it go, we are going to host a killer Austin on Rails lineup at the tail end of August.

    Your Rails Conductor for this month is Aaron Scruggs. We’ll be hosting an awesome panel of female developers from the Austin-based MakerSquare program and an AWS scaling rundown from Aaron Scruggs (VP of Engineering at Academicworks).

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    Meeting: Tuesday, July 23, 2013 @ 7-9PM [6:30 open]

    brandon harris keith gaddis command interactor patterns atomicity concurrency

    Hello All!

    We are flying through the summer! Here we are at the end of July already. Your Rails Conductor this month is Brandon Harris. Hat tip to Ticketbud developers for picking up the talks at this meeting.

    Keith Gaddis - Simplify Your Application with the Command Pattern

    The command or interactor pattern is a very simple design pattern that is lightly used in most Rails apps, which is a shame because it can be used with great benefit to simplify application logic. We’ll talk about commands as a concept, implementation in code, and how they can be used to implement a few high-level architectural patterns that can help create code that scales in both performance and maintainability.

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